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Top 2 Bedroom - Westmore Vermont Vacation Rentals

Willoughvale Inn and Cottages on Lake Willoughby

Lake Willoughby. Dock. Fireplace, kitchen, porch, housekeeping, free WiFi, Dining: Gil's Bar & Grill. 1 & 2BR cottages
2BR, sleeps 2 - 4. Westmore, VT.

July 21 to 28 Available to Rent.

Perfect location for a small family in the 2 bedroom cottage with lawn and beach frontage. Several weeks available.
2BR, sleeps 5 - 5. Westmore, VT.

Willoughby Beach Front Cottage Available July 7 - 14

Serendipity is a fun location for the family to enjoy the lake, relax by a campfire and go boating at any moment.
2BR, sleeps 8 - 8. Westmore, VT.

Top 3 Bedroom - Westmore Vermont Vacation Rentals

Willoughby State Forest, Adjacent Private Cottages to Rent

Willoughby Gap Cottages -3 cottages, Large shared dock. One 3 bedroom, 2 - one bedroom sizes.
3BR, sleeps 2 - 12. Westmore, VT.