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Please read this introduction and then click the button to begin the sign-up process.

First, note these requirements:

  1. Rental properties must have a kitchen or access to kitchen facilities.
  2. Each listing must be for one property or adjoining properties with the same owner, though you may of course purchase separate listings for different properties you own or manage.

For a standard listing with up to 12 photos, the rate is $199 per year, or $29.50 per month with a four-month minimum cost of $118. Extra options are available for additional costs.

In Steps 3 — 5, tell us about your property and its location and build your ad. Please finish each section and move to the next step by hitting the NEXT button at the bottom of the page within one hour to avoid timing out (sooner to avoid Internet interruptions); you can always edit it more later. Alternatively, you may want to write a draft of your listing in a document on your computer and copy and paste the text into the fields.

During these steps, you may also save your work and return another time to complete the process. The work you completed and saved in any steps (by hitting “NEXT“ or “SAVE & Come Back Later“ buttons within one hour) will be there when you return, but upon your return, you will start from Step 3 when you login and click “edit.“

In Step 6, upload photos; this step may be skipped if photos are unavailable now or you prefer to mail or e-mail them to us. Once you are finished, your listing will appear on the web after receipt of payment and approval by our staff. During the time period that you paid for, you will be able to edit the contents yourself, move or replace photos, and take the ad off-line temporarily.

For more information about ad content and options, about our advertising rates, and about the VT rooms tax, please visit the How To Advertise page. If you still have questions, need help, or would prefer that we build your ad for you, call us weekdays at 802-242-2021 or send an e-mail to

List Your Property