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These tips are designed to help you have a great vacation in Vermont. Scroll down to see all the tips!

For guidance on the structure of this site and the various ways to find a rental on, go to our Help page.

Once you find a property you want to investigate further, contact the owner or agent directly from the contact information in each ad. We at do not book rentals or know anything about availability beyond what is in each ad. Some ads have links to availability calendars.

Ask for a detailed description of the rental’s location and facilities before making a commitment. If possible, inspect the property before making a reservation. Otherwise, ask for more photographs of the interior and exterior and the names and phone numbers of other renters who have stayed at the rental. There are few things worse than arriving for a vacation only to find your rental is not what you expected. On the other hand, if you find a place you love, you may want to return year after year.

Make your reservations early. The best rentals at the best prices go fast. When you do make a reservation, have a clear understanding with the owner or agent — preferably in writing — about such issues as rates, deposits, cleaning, cancellation policy, and time of arrival and departure.

Rental prices are subject to change, and may be different than shown in an ad. In most cases, rentals will be subject to Vermont's 9% Rooms Tax if rented for 30 days or less. This tax rate is subject to change by the Legislature. In a handful of towns, there may be an additional 1% - 2% tax.

Descriptions of the properties were provided by the owner or manager on a paid-advertising basis. (We get no commission on rentals.) We assume that the descriptions are true statements and that the information presented is reliable and accurate, but we have made no inspections of these rental properties and make no guarantees about them. See also our Disclaimer page.

Vacationers have booked thousands of vacation rentals through ads on this website. While Vermont vacation rentals on our site vary greatly in style, cost and size, the vast majority of vacationers and rental owners end up pleased with the arrangements they make. With careful planning, you too can have a great time in Vermont in a privately owned home, condo, cabin or cottage.