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The Vermont vacation rentals on this website include a wide range of prices and styles. The rentals include waterfront cottages, ski resort condos, chalets, cabins, farmhouses and luxury vacation homes, and may be available for a weekend, a week, a month, and/or an entire season. All Vermont vacation rentals here include cooking facilities.

Most properties are rented out by the owner, who you should contact directly. There are also Vermont vacation rental agencies and resorts listed at the bottom of many of the regional pages, and also grouped together on separate southern and northern rental agency and resort pages (see links above).

For more information about selecting a rental, and steps for booking a vacation rental, see our Tips for Renters page and our Disclaimer page. Please contact owners or rental agents directly about availability, or see individual availability calendars when offered.

The regional pages and the Browse Regions page have links to pages with information on recreational, dining and other resources in each area that may be of interest to vacationers. We hope you enjoy your vacation rental in Vermont!

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