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Rental Listing #260

Ferncliff Cottages: 6 Lakefront, 1 to 4 Br

6 lakefront cottages on 6 wooded acres. Private road, beach, boating facilities. Clay tennis court, swings for children. 5-minute drive to golf. Modern plumbing, hot water, electric refrigerators, gas or electric stoves. Stores, churches, 2 miles. 1 - 4 bedroom cottages, completely furnished except linens and blankets.
VT Tax#440-526159068F-01

Rental by fortnight, month, season: $600/week and up.


Contact Information for this Vermont vacation rental:

Mary Jo
Tel. (802) 287-5836
Ferncliff-Teetor, 19 Ferncliff Camps, Poultney, VT 05764

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