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Cabinsense: a Primitive Escape in Vermont

Cabinsense is a primitive oasis surrounded by nature.

Simple, rugged and rustic, it stands in stark contrast to modern-day amenities.

No grid. No cell. No Internet.

Purposefully disconnected and exposed to the elements to clear the mind and sharpen the senses.

The Cabin - The cabin is made of full-scribed (Swedish Cope) white pine logs, 12 to 14 inches in diameter. The building is 16x18 feet with a 6 foot covered porch. It is located next to the south pond. The roof and sub floor are fully insulated with recycled fibers and the floors are planked with rough-sawn 2-inch-thick hemlock. Inside, there is a hand-crafted bunk bed, an antique table, chairs and a wood-fired cylinder stove with oven and side-mounted hot-water tank.

The Land - In total, there are 175 acres of pristine Vermont forest populated with old-growth trees, well-defined trails, moss covered rocks and ledges, deep valley bogs, elevated hilltops (one with long-range views) and three large ponds.

The Ponds - The ponds cascade one to the other and are supplied by cool mountain springs located on the property. Each pond is suitable for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. Together they attract and support an abundance of wildlife including duck, owl, deer and black bear. They are surrounded by hiking trails and have multiple access points, including a 30-foot rope swing next to the cabin.

What to Bring - Towels, sleeping bags (or sheets and blankets), drinking water, food, cooler and gear to hike, mountain bike, swim, fish, kayak, ski, snowshoe, snowmobile or hunt (according to season and with a Vermont license).

The Access - The entrance to the property is at the south end marked by a chain with combination lock. This is where the town dirt road ends. From here, a private woods road leads north 3/4 of a mile to the ponds and cabin. In Spring, Summer and Fall, it is suitable for a car with clearance or four wheel drive. In Winter, it is snow-packed and requires snow shoes, cross-country skis or a snowmobile. It is also on the V.A.S.T. network. The town plows to a point just shy of the gate with room to park.

Limited Usage - The cabin has no interior plumbing and is served by an outhouse. By definition it is a "primitive camp." Annual usage is limited to 60 days per year and no more than three consecutive weeks. It is outfitted for a party of three with an additional cabin for parties up to six.

The cost per night is $150 for parties up to 3. $25 extra per person for parties up to 6. Add 9% Vermont room tax. Deposit is required in advance to book a reservation.


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