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Rental Listing #396

Lakefront Cottages 2 to 3 Br - Lake Salem

Lake Salem cottages are four unique cottages located on Lake Salem near the Canadian border. The cottages each have their own private sandy beach. They are located on a peninsula of land separating Big Salem from Little Salem Lakes. Cottagers enjoy unique access to both lakes, which are excellent for fishing, with plentiful bass, walleye, and salmon. Screen porches, wharf and boat provided. Near tennis, golf, biking, and hiking. Two 2-bedroom and two 3-bedroom cottages. Fully equipped and recently remodeled kitchens and hot shower bathrooms.

$1,075 per week. Available from June through September. Multiple families can be accommodated in different cottages.

Follow our web link below for more information and photos.

Pursuant to Act 10 2018 Lake Salem Cottages tax account number is MRT-10087350


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Julie Roehner at Tel. (734) 645-3732

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